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I receive heartfelt letters of praise from buyers on a daily basis.

Each communication between me and my clients is confidential. As a respect of their privacy, any identifying information has been removed of their requests.



*100% Positive Feedback *

"I will recommend your services.  You are very special."

 "I can't begin to thank you enough for all your help and support as it really means a lot to me."

"I just wanted to thank you for helping my friend. I haven't seen her have this much clarity about
this particular situation she is going through...Thank you so much.
You're the best." Torrence

"thanks so much for your are very good!.thanks........"

"Yes.  Wonderful insight and advice.  Well worth the humble fee, already. 
That insight will serve me well
past this request and I appreciate your
sharing it with me." Graham

There was a strange sound, like the beating of wings...

Then I started to go to sleep, then the humming bird thing stabbed into my shoulder, I quickly woke up and as I was doing so I heard a whispered name.  It was??, I had not heard this name before, I checked the internet today and found out the name was one of the Angels...My arm hurt for about 10 minutes or so..."

"Wonderful person, Sincere concern for everyone!!!!!"


"Thank You for my reading. Will order again in the future."

"thanks so much,,,,,so much.................
!" Lorraine

"an outstanding experience, a
very special person! TY so much!!!!"

 beautiful item, very positive aura, the real deal here, will be back for more A+

 WOW!!! I knew this was for me when I bid and now I KNOW it is! Its beautiful!!!


 Fabulous Transaction! Fabulous Communication! Fabulous Wittch!


 Rosemary is genuine,SWEET and treats you like Royalty. Simply the Best! Thanks R.! Lora G


 Awesome, Powerful, Mysterious, The Real Deal, Great for my gallery. Love it !




 Power from it works. Went well Howard I




 perfect, accurate, wouldn't hesitate to have a reading again! Blessings... Brianne


 Truely a Remarkable Piece Million Star Seller Very Powerful Pulsating Energy – Elma


great product, feel the energy, this is a strong soul, will do business with agn       



Info on the turquois ring, first couple weeks, I would hear my phone ring moments before it rang, sometimes I knew who it was before answering. Its been quite an interesting year lots of things happened, there is most definately something going on that I MUST learn from these experiences and its just a matter of what that is...

joe z


Dear Rosemary,

Thanks for not forgetting about me. Yes, I would like you  to answer a question for me! I thought to let you know that things are going very well as far as work. I doing good at my part-time job and recently did two car commercials. One for Lexus and the other for Chevy. Thank you so much for the ring. I feel I've been forever blessed. At times I am perplexed thinking why the Coven would give up such a priceless and powerful ring. I am very happy to had the opportunity to bid enough to win. My question to you:

What do you see in my love life in the near future and future?

I look forward hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Received...all and the talismans. How did you know I had two cats and one of them sits on my chair???? ...freaked me out! Anyway, hopfully in about a month Ill have my gallery started. Many Blessings and Happy Hauntings!!!! Alexa D


> hi rosemary. I just wanted to let you know that the reading was great. I believe I will be able to continue on my spiritual path with the guidance I was given. I also wanted to let you know that the strange thing about some of the information we were given regarding mom's father was that her husband's name is James W and we are from
New Jersey
. My feeling is that this may have come through because my mom doesn't really see my dad as a true husband. She never has due to her upbringing. I think in some ways she thought of him as a father figure which could be how he came up in the reading. Either way, it was very accurate. I will use the affirmations every day as they are so good. The other point that i wanted to let you know about was the part
about meeting someone. Just recently, I began to think about what I really want in a partner. This is something I never gave much thought to but which I do now. I also don't waste opportunities to go out with friends anymore.... like> tonite my next door neighbor asked me to shoot some pool with him. We did and had a blast. This reading gives me the confidence I needed. Thank you so much. By the way, the rings are perfect!
of course you may post my email. I actually wrote what I did in my feedback to help others understand how good the reading was. Cathy


Dear Rosemary,
First, I hope everything is going well with you. I am been getting a lot more work as an actor which makes me very happy and I just got a great part time job. I very rarely take off the ring. The ring is now lighter and has a gold tone. If you would like, I could send you a picture.…I do meditate with this ring hoping to unleash its power. On two occasions, I did get some vivid dreams. That was odd since I usually do not remember my dreams... Thank you for your time and consideration… You have been so wonderful to me…. Wishing you,  many blessings! Issy


Justto let you know, I went on vacation sunday, left everything was fine....on theway back today I had my wife and 2 childeren , we pulled into rest stop 635miles away from home (on the way back home after vacation) , and our frontdriver side tire fell off while pulling into a parking space. I was carring thetwo rocks you gave me for protection, my wife commented on these wondering why Iwas carrying the on this vacation this was 2 days before this incident. theseprotection spells work as my wife was puling into a parking spot at a rest stopand our front tire fell off !!!! we just got of the highway interstate 75 inchattanoga tenessee. this is 650 miles away from home. If this tire would havefallen off on the expressway the circamstances would have been critical,possibly even death to some of us. I am so grateful that you gave me theserocks, and ring as It has saved the life of both me and my family!! I can onlyimagine the horror of having tire fall off in the middle of interstate 75 intennesee, It is a very busy highway. Rosemary’s magick has saved the lives of bothme and my family and words cannot express the gratitude of what has happened!!your items and prayers are one of the greatest magickal experiences that I haveattained to this date in my life in this plane!! Rosemary’s magick is strong and Iwant you to know this as it has saved the life of both me and my family thisweekend! feel free to post this as I Am here now due to magick of a GreatPowerful level of existince.  Cynthia R


I recieved inmail wed around noon est. they are great thanks much, It was a very interestingday, recieved all major packages by noon, step back few weeks, the first ringyou gave me psychic dream, I had a dream that I was going to pass on soon, thiswas 3 weeks ago, was with a group 2 reiki masters we translated it to thechanges going on this year in my life, rings works well, step fwd 3 wks, woke upwed morning with very stiff neck so whent to chiroprator for adjustment, didntwork very well but went on, started moving down my arm and into my sholder andwas getting heartburn, didnt think much of it, went got lunch around 11 thenwent to store waited for packages, all came, started having chest pains around1pm got real bad at 2. Usuly just ignore them but thought about previous dream,one of my friends came over at that time so he followed me to hospital, trieddoctor be he was away delivering baby, by the time I got there my chest feltlike it was being crushed never felt that much pain before. they gave me nitroand sent me to a bigger hospital by ambulance, was admitted and on nitro patchfor 15 hrs, talk about migrane, gave morphine injections every two hrs whileadmitted, If I would not have had this dream then I most certainly would havenot went there or least not in time, I got out thursday night went home andthen to bed. slept very well. Just a reminder that rosemary’s stuff really workswell !! MANY BLESSINGS


Rosemary's magic is extremly strong, I have felt the energy from previous items and I am sure these will be the same, you are a true magick seller and we need more people like you, Its people like you that make this a beter world to live in and I am glad to own some of this strong magick, I wish you many blessings and great sucess in future auctions

I have had no need for previous purchases after feeling the strength of this great power. I can feel and sense that is for a great good. The love, The energy are greater than most could imagine. This is truely great magick. blessed be, leonard



I cannot explain it, I knew I would win the auction of aurora, when I recieved her I felt Massive peace of mind, I realize that she can empower anything I wish, this is a great purchase, you are a dear person, would love to have Rosemary in my life,I feel as if she is a part of me now, my life has changed. I am a true beliver of her magic, body mind and soul, the past 3 purchases have been the best ever made, business is better, life is better, my soul has the feeling of love in it, much more than before, I’m looking forward to future auctions,blessed be. joe z


Hi Rosemary!  I got Fyre yesterday and she is amazing! I can feel the energy and have already had one experience with her; her eyes changed and moved and she smiled! I can almost see the energy around her, she is beautiful! Thank you sooooo much for all you've done! If you are ever up our way, give me a call, maybe we can have lunch! I will let you know what else happens with Fyre! Looking forward to your other auctions! Please feel free to let other buyers know that I am already experiencing phenomena with Fyre. Thanks again!


ps- she is exactly the doll I was thinking of!


Dear Rosemary,

....I would like to share with you a little of what I have experienced so far with Moonn.

The first day I actually sat with Moonn in meditation, shortly after she arrived, I sat opposite her on a low stool so that I could be at eye level with her and gaze into her face. My intention was to "commune" with her energy, but I was startled out of my meditation when her eyes moved! At first I thought it was probably my imagination, and after calming myself, gazed once more. It happened again! An ever so slight movement of her eyes from side to side. Since then, upon other meditations, I find that she smiles and seems to frown when my thoughts stray to "common mental buzz". I have had problems with concentration for some time and I have asked Moonn to help me with this. She has been a good teacher. I have asked you through Moonn to help open my intuition and I believe she has consented to do so, since I have spotted a couple of "spirit apparitions" since my request. Now, I know it is because of

my request because I have never exhibited this kind of "second sight" in my life....

Light, love and peace companion you always,

Dennise L


I think that I have made a connection with zach, I have never felt the love that I currently do now, I want a change of life to better all people on this plane, I am in hopes that we can do this, The energy I am feeling exumes me at this moment, I want to do good for all the people that need it the most. Again I have never felt this much love in my heart. You can post this for other people to see, I do not care about them knowing who i am, The needs of the people must be helped, I am in tears at this moment of writing this letter, I believe this is the best purchase I have ever made, Mind body and soul. Looking forward to your future auctions. Blessed be, Joe z



Hi again!
I was just reading the email from Joe z. I would also like my testimony posted if you so desire. I too cried from the overwhelming love. I first felt it and cried when i bid on my lovely pendant. I cried when i received it
, and I always wear it. I always touch it and I always feel that I am surrounded by love to put it plainly. I look forward to giving my sister ( who is a witch as well) the beautiful vase I was blessed to recieve. P.S. John still has the charm on his keychain, and insists on keeping it there. Have a blessed holiday, and new year!



I haven't seen the apparition in awhile. (I saw her)That one time and the hubby (also) saw her once. However I will tell you this. I have yet to use the dog or the lantern yet good things seem to be happening anyways…... I wish I had known Rosemary. I have so much to learn and am enjoying what I have learned. Just to let you know the extent of the luck. Thought the vet bill was gonna be $350 but turned out $98. Hubby found $1200 in a 401 k he didn't know he had. And I won some acting classes that (this was weird matches the 401K) are worth $1200.



Amazing bracelet with real magic! Really does work!


 Pal refered U 4 $$Spell,he won $.Me:SkepticBut not now.Won over $50k!!FastShipA+


 Very, very special lady w/real magic!!! Rosemary, you're the BEST!!!


 Powerful product Great person Caring - Giving Looking forward to the future


 Beatiful Out of This World Object....Great Communication, Wonderful Magick


 My heart lifted as soon as I put this on! YOur items truly work!


 Thanks Rosemary,WONDERFUL RING ,Great service ,Excellent v Highly Recommended 


 Fast shipping! Blessed seller! Highly recommended! Thank you so much!  A+ reputation. Excellent packaging. The item has great energy! Thank you.


My sister bought this ring for me and i was wondering what i could use to clean the ring up some ? I dont want to upset the Djinn balance in anyway so i though i would ask first before doing anything. Atm i wear it with a cord on my neck and the Djinn has actually shown themself to me twice! Love the item.  M

Hi, Rosemary

I thought this interesting enough to pass on (in the future, if you already know these things and I'm just boring you please tell me).  M was a ''general'' (my impression), one of Solomon's Djinns who really had his ear, sort of like a Prime Minister, or more likely, a Home Secretary. At any rate, M took a liking to A & C, and though they were merely Solomon's bodyguards, took them under his wing. In other words, M was more than a friend, he was a mentor. I suppose that's why I was so strongly urged to acquire him. A & C also tell me that M is the only other vessel from Esfandyar  I needed to acquire, as their Circle of Three is now complete once again.
Blessed be, R

Hello again Rosemary, This stunning item has arrived already. I picked it up today and it is the new moon tonight, so I guess Massoud is here and ready to be connected to.
The previous item that I purchased from you with Salma is beautiful There have been some major changes in my life workwise since then.
I look forward to this new addition to our household.
Many thanks and many blessings to you.

hi rosemary, I left you some feedback, I went to the casino after I picked up my jinn. I lost 2 hands, then my ring started shaking so I put it in my pocket. I won the next hand and the next,
I left the casino a winner, the ring surely ended my losing streak
! I'm going back   I need a new car LOL. Thxs so much!!!!  H

I know this must seem weird but, my Djinn has already shown himself to me twice
. He was in the clouds. I am so excited about receiving the vessel. He must be really happy to come to Memphis. Have a great day. R.

Rosemary- thank you so much for responding. I know it takes YOUR time to answer us back, and it's appreciated.
I, too, am well over 50, and lost my husband to cancer about 4 yrs ago now. He has left me messages, both by placing notes in my home, and through one of my dear friends - he goes to her in her dreams. We always laugh about the fact that he was MY husband, but he visits her. Haha --- But she is also married, and the 4 of us were very very close friends. I note that you mention you are a psychic
- do you ever read for anyone? Thanks, once again, for your response and honesty. L.

Hi Rosemary! Blessed Be! Thanks for the great advice! I'm hoping that all my goodwill and positive wishes will make a real difference with the help of your special jinn rings! I know i will cherish them for as long as they feel i need them!

Dearest Rosemeary,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Bottle Vessel and the wonderful rings which I received today.  They are filled with incredible energy and I feel truly blessed to be able to provide a home to these wonderful Djinn!  Thank you so much for sharing them with me! J.
01.12/07 I am so excited and happy. I feel like a puppy with too many chew toys, who keeps going from one to the next. OR a child surrounded by Christmas presents and can't quite decide which one to open next. L.

After admiring the ring I put it on a stringaround my neck. Where I continued ro talk to it. After a little while I started to feel lightheaded and then naushus. I removed my ''rope necklace''  the nausha eventully went away the lightheadness decreased but did not disappear. L

I dont really have a question just want to tell you
I have watched your auctions and never once have your rings been like anything I have ever seen before. These rings are the Rolls Royce of Djinn rings truly

Hi Rosemary,
You are a wealth of knowledge!

Thank you ever so much for all these spells and most helpful information!
I really do appreciate it.
Also, I'm making progress with Morad.  Twice now when I've been holding the ring, the lapis crystal suddenly gets quite noticeably warm.  It lasts just a few seconds, then the heat is gone again.  I am going to have a wonderful time learning about this ring and Morad. I'm so happy.

Hi Rosemary!
I recieved this very beautiful ring yesterday. Usually I will wait to allow my Djinn to settle in for a few days but I felt an urgency to bond with him right away. His energy is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Our connection just flows effortlessly. K.


 This has been very, very useful :-) Thank you


 Haunted Confirmation from the frog himself!!!! Thank you so much!!!!


 Since ARABEL has arrived, my DREAMS have been prophetic and clear***PEACEFUL***!


 Recieved Gabriella we just love her!!! Thanks!


 The energy is incredible!!!! Now I have vivid dreams every night!!!


 Awesome delivery..beautiful piece! Will return!


Dear Rosemary:I have received Hurdad today safe and sound and and I could feel his energy at opening the package. Thanks a lot for sending him  so fast and for the extra incense which I will use whilst summoning him W.

Rosemary my beautiful ring arrived today! I am going to wait a 2-3 days before conjuring him. I took a moment a just look at my ring. wooooooo this is a very beautiful piece and heavy to. RosemaryI know this ring has a story to tell and believe me I will be listening closely.LOL I can hardly wait to meet my Djinn. I just know he is awesome. What type of incense cone did you send? Need to know so that I can get more for him. I can tell this guy has seen alot and this is just what I feel. LOL Talk about a deep connection. K.

Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary this so so beautiful I just dont know what to say! No one on the net can touch these rare one of a kind items.Nothing I have seen on here even come close. I have never seen such beauty in a recharge box. Simply stunning.

Hi Rosemary!
Well I did not win the lamp and understand it was not my lamp it was meant for someone else. Then He came along this magnificent Djinn I won tonight. He is everything that I asked for and need to take my spiritual development to the next level.
I cant thank you enough for offering such one of a kind magikal Djinn to the public. I left you positive feedback because you deserve it for being such an upstanding individual. Thank you for my Djinn rings and for being so kind and supportive. You and another person I know of really take the time out to help people know about meditation and that is one of the keys to higher spiritual growth. I have purchased a few Djinn on the net and you are the first to inspire me to do something to honor the Djinn and to help people with Djinn learn how to maximize their experiences with the Djinn through meditation
. Sorry for rattling on but this Djinn means a lot to me . This marks an important time for me. K.

Hello, You'd never believe it.
My Djinn came today, sitting on my doorstep. How did it get here so fast? Wow! T.


 SUPERFREINDLY! will watch 4more AWESOME RESPONSE TO E MAILS!!Fast delivery!!!!!!

"Wonderful experience, truly the best, very caring.Thank you for everything

"Very High Level of Service. Very Responsive & Sincere. Thank You."

"...It was on a heat treated candle stand and after the candle burned down the flame was so tall the whole thing blew up....the stand shattered and everything went all over...." 


Thanks For Looking!

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